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Walking or traveling down the carretera, at the level of the mirasol field on the side of the mountain, have you ever wondered, who will live in those peculiar white domed houses with a touch of Middle Eastern architecture? do you recognize them? Well, this is one of them: Beautiful House in Chula Vista Country or as a best reference, Chulavista Golf. This house have view of the Lake with an incredible altitude worthy of a panoramic view. Dining room and kitchen fully equipped with a Moroccan touch in its decoration but with airs that will not let you forget that you are in Mexico. Service area at the same level with a full bathroom and a covered garage for 2 cars is what you can find on the first level. Below is the second bedroom and the master bedroom, both endowed with the same view and magnitude. Simply amazing. Master bedroom with shared bathroom and walk-in closet that fits as much as the little. The entire property in a warm and jovial climate that leads to a beautiful path to a garden and a walk with a panoramic view that ends in a shared pool with a very interesting common area.


  • Ciudad: Chula Vista
  • País: México


Actualizado en enero 11, 2021 a 9:51

  • Precio: $ 1,200/USD
  • Tipo de propiedad: CASAS
  • Estado de la propiedad: RENTADO

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